Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What does it mean to elope?

Eloping means having a small private intimate ceremoney that oftentimes is somewhat spontaneous, with very few, if any guests.

What does Imperial Luxe do?

Imperial Luxe specializes in micro weddings, elopements and vow renewals offering everything you can dream of to ensure a memorable experience for you and up to 20 guests.

Why do couples choose to have a micro wedding or to elope?

There are many reasons couples opt out of having a traditional wedding. The top 3 reasons are cost, time savings and reduced stress.

What is a micro wedding?

A micro weddings is a smaller-scale celebration of marriage that has only a handful of invited guests, commonly 20 or less, is shorter in duration and is simpler in format and less stress to organize than a traditional wedding.

Ceremony Details

How many guests may I have?

We can accomodate a maximum of 20 guests.

Do I need an officiant?

At Imperial Luxe our packages are all-inclusive to include officiant services. Couples are also welcome to bring their own.

Do I have to wear a wedding dress or tux?

A formal wedding dress or tux is not a requirement.

Can I pick my own decor?

Decor can not be customized.

What if I bring more than allowed guests for my wedding?

Your wedding will not take place until the contracted number of guests are there. **Please note children 2 and up are included in the guest count.

What if I want to get married on a holiday?

A holiday fee of $250 will be applied to all packages for the following days:

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Day

Valentine’s Day

Memorial Day

Fourth of July

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

Are your services available to same sex couples?


Do you all provide photography/videography services?

At this time we do not provide photography/videography services. Couples are also welcome to bring their own.

Where can my guest park?

Guests may park in any unreserved parking spot. Imperial Luxe is not responsible for any guest towed for parking in reserved spaces.

Booking Policies

I love what I see and I am ready to book, how do I reserve my date?

Booking is available online or you can call our office to speak to a representative. If the ceremony date is less than 30 days away, payment is due in full. If your ceremony date is more than 30 days away, you must pay a deposit to hold your date and time. Deposits are refundable for up to forty-eight (48) hours after your appointment is made. Thereafter it becomes non-refundable; however, it is transferable for up to one (1) year. Any outstanding balance must be paid thirty (30) days prior to your ceremony. Client’s that have a balance thirty (30) days prior to their ceremony and unable to be contacted are subject to their ceremony being cancelled. Deposit amounts are 50% of the package price and are as follows (excludes sales tax): Luxe Express - Payment is Due in Full - $395 Classic - $297.50 Deluxe - $597.50 Premium - $847.50

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept credit/debit card payments. Payments can also be made through PayPal.

If you prefer, you may send or drop off a money order. When sending a money order, please include both parties’ last names. We do not accept personal checks.

What is your rescheduling policy?

A Rescheduling Fee is waived:

  • For your first change of date and time if you call more than fourteen (14) days prior to your confirmed ceremony date and time.

A Rescheduling Fee of $100.00 will be charged:

  • For all additional changes of date and time made more than fourteen (14) days prior to the confirmed ceremony date and time.
  • For your first change of date or time if we are notified call less than fourteen (14) days prior to your confirmed ceremony date and time.
  • If your wedding must be rescheduled because you are late; you wish to wait for late guests; you forgot your marriage license and do not wish to proceed as a commitment ceremony.
  • If you contact us within seven (7) days of your confirmed ceremony date and time, and you want to move your ceremony to another date less than seven (7) days from your original date.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel your ceremony more than thirty (30) days before your originally confirmed date and time, we will gladly refund all payments except for your deposit. However, all amounts paid become non-refundable within (30) days or less of your initially confirmed date and time. Once within the 30 day window of the original booking date, only credit will be given for date changes and are subject to rescheduling fees.

Marriage License

How to obtain a marriage license?

Marriage licenses must be obtained from a County Clerk's Office in the State of Texas. There must be at least 72 hours between the date and time of issuance of a license and the time the ceremony occurs. The marriage license is valid for 90 days. NOTE: Some counties are not accepting walk-ins and/or experiencing backlog in marriage license appointments due to COVID-19. Please check online or call your local office as soon as possible to make an appointment.